Fort Frederica

In 1736, 44 men and 72 women and children arrived to build the fort and town, and by the 1740s Frederica was a thriving village of about 500 citizens.

When Spanish troops sought to capture St. Simons Island in 1742, Oglethorpe's men won a decisive victory in what is now called The Battle of Bloody Marsh (you can also visit that site on Demere Road).

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Originally owned by Donald McKay and then James Spaulding, West Point Plantation is located near the colonial town of Frederica, which was established by General Oglethorpe in 1736.

The West Point tract shared a boundary line with Pike's Sentry Station, an early defensive outpost.

West Point Plantation is situated on the site of an 18th century rice and cotton plantation, owned by Colonel William Hazzard. During the Plantation Era, Island planters enjoyed enormous wealth and extensive political and economic influence. Colonel Hazzard was a cosmopolitan man who traveled extensively around the world, was active at Christ Church on St. Simons Island, as well as in Georgia State Government. Locals knew Colonel Hazzard for his fast racing canoes and prize hunting dogs.

Now, taking care to preserve all that has gone before, West Point Plantation transforms this historic site to a premier residence community.