West Point Plantation Property Owner's Association Documents

Master Design Guidelines

Guidelines for architecture, site planning and landscaping

Property Owner's Covenants

Declaration of Restriction, Covenants, Limitations and Easements

Gate Instructions

How to operate the front gate properly

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Upon purchasing your home, community documents are presented indicating that you acknowledge and agree to become a member. When you become an owner of property in West Point Plantation, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations as set forth by the West Point Plantation POA governing documents.

The purpose of these rules is to provide a basis for protecting the member's equity in West Point Plantation and to provide a framework within which people can live in a peaceful group situation.

Specific purposes of these rules include:

•Enforcing the community's maintenance standards, policies and rules in a fair and diplomatic way.

•Protecting, enhancing and promoting the purposes of the West Point Plantation POA.

•Governing the use of common areas and amenities.

•Establishing architectural guidelines and design standards to ensure compliance with the overall design scheme of the community.

•Establishing rules for use of all common facilities.

Protecting and preserving the property and assets of the Association and its owners. Most rules are merely expressions of courtesy and consideration for neighbors and a respect for the investment in our POA. These rules establish the lifestyle standards of our community.

If the idea of enforced maintenance and restricted property usage is not a desirable qualification for a new home purchase, then the potential home buyer should not consider making a move to our community requiring participation in the West Point Plantation POA.